In order to be listed on this page, contemporary authors should have a website dedicated to their work.


Adams, Michelle Medlock (Southern)
Albert, Erin L. (Indianapolis)
Aldin, Lisa (Indianapolis)
Alexander, Shannon Lee (Indianapolis)
Allen, Crystal (Out of State)
Anderson, John David (Indianapolis)
Anderson, Marilyn D. (Out of State)
Anderson, Shannon (Northwest)
Antoinette, Khrisma (Central)
Archer, Peggy (Northwest)
Argentine, Cynthia (Central)
Aylesworth, Jim (Chicago)


Baker, Mindy (Central)
Balkan, Gabrielle (Out of State)
Ballinger, Bryan (Northeast)
Barnes, Nathan (Indianapolis)
Barry, Rick C. (Central)
Battle-Lavert, Gwendolyn (Out of State)
Benko, Kamilla (Out of State)
Bentley, Judy (Out of State)
Brewer, Judith (Indianapolis)
Boomhower, Ray E. (Indianapolis)
Border, Terry (Central)
Bradley, Diane (Northern)
Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker (Out of State)
Broaddus, Maurice (Indianapolis)
Brown, Marty (Indianapolis)
Brown, Skila (Bloomington)
Bundles, A’Lelia (Out of State)
Bunnell-Mumford, Tiana (Indianapolis)


Cabot, Meg (Out of State)
Carney, Mary Lou (Northwest)
Chorao, Kay (Northeast)
Clement, Nathan (Indianapolis)
Coles, Jay (Indianapolis)
Collier, Kristi (Louisville)
Crespo, Ana (Out of State)
Cummings, Troy (Greencastle)
Curry, Shel (Indianapolis)


Davis, Jim (South Central)
Day, Karen (Out of State)
Day, Marlis (Southern)
DeMakas, Meg (Meg Ellen Grandfield) (Northwestern)
Derstine, Elise Hofer (North Central)
Doherty, Adriane (Central)
Doherty, Kathleen (Northwest)
Dotlich, Rebecca Kai (Central)
Dumond, Pamela (Out of State)
Dye, Kathy (Southwestern)


Edwards, Chris
Esarey, Nikki (South Central)
Evans, David (Central)
Ewart, Claire (Northeast)


Farlow, James O. (Northeast)
Fipps, Lisa (Kokomo)
Fleming, Candace (Chicago)
Freedman, Lew (Southeast)
Freeman, Kim (South Central)
Frederick, Bill and Kate (Muncie)
Frisinger, Donna (North Central)
Frost, Helen (Fort Wayne)


Gaither, Gloria (Madison County)
Gamson, Leland (Northeast)
Gillenwater, Chadwick (Professor Watermelon, Indianapolis)
Goins, Savannah J. (Central)
Gondosch, Linda (Out of State)
Gray, Laurie (Fort Wayne)
Green, John (Indianapolis)
Gregory, Valiska (Indianapolis)
Griessman, Annette (Tippecanoe County)
Griffin, Donna (Hancock County)
Griswold, Victoria (Indianapolis)
Gunderson, Susan G. (Northwest)


Haddix, Margaret Peterson (Out of State)
Harrell, Rob (Central)
Harris, Andre Renee (Hammond)
Harshman, Marc (Out of State)
Harshman, Terry Webb (Indianapolis)
Hatke, Ben (Out of State)
Hay, Jerry (Out of State)
Hesterman, Katie (Fort Wayne)
Hoose, Phillip (Out of State)
Hopper, Charlie (Central)
Horner, Pamela (Lawrence County)
Horning, Andrew (Owen County)
Howard, Kim (Bloomington)
Huff, Mary Jo (Southwest)


Immel, Mary Blair (Tippecanoe County)


Jannetides, Elaine (Central)
Janson, Michelle (Indianapolis)
Johnson, Christine (Indianapolis)
Johnson, Leah (Out of State)
Joiner, Sara K. (Fort Wayne)
Jones, Rebecca C. (Out of State)


Kane, Sharon (Out of State)
Karcher, Angie (Evansville)
Kasza, Keiko (Bloomington)
Kelsey, Marybeth (Bloomington)
Kenley, Bill (Central)
Kent, Robert (Indianapolis)
Kerr, Monica (Northwest)
Kieta, Patricia (Northwest)
Killion, Bette (Putnam County)
Kimmel, Haven (Out of State)
Klink, Angie (Lafayette)
Kondaki, Devon (Indianapolis)
Kulinski, Karen (Northwest)
Kurtz, Karen B. (Northern)


Lasky, Kathryn (Out of State)
Lewis, J. Patrick (Out of State)
Loepker, Rachel (Lafayette)


Madden, Kelly (Central)
Magoon, Kekla (Out of State)
Mahurin, Shelby (West Central)
Malone, Noah (Terre Haute)
Marsh, Valerie (Out of State)
Marshall, Christopher (Indianapolis)
Martin, Laura (Central)
Mathieu, Aaron (Northeast)
Matthies, Janna (Indianapolis)
Maxfield, Brenda (Northeast)
McBrier, Page (Out of State)
McKee, Christina (Indianapolis)
McMullan, Margaret (Out of State)
Medler, Diana (Randolph County)
Miller, Heather Lynn (Northeast)
Miller, Peggy Reiff (Ohio)
Mitchell, Saundra (Out of State)
Mock, Trey (Central)
Morrow, Barbara Olenyik (Northern)
Mullin, Mike (Central)
Mullin, Rebecca (Out of State)


Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds (Out of State)
Neal, Roger (Northern)
Niner, Holly L. (Fort Wayne)
Niven, Jennifer (Out of State)
Novo, Alicia (Indianapolis)


Oppenlander, Annette (Abroad)
Outcalt, Todd (Indianapolis)


Perez, Ashley Hope (Out of State)
Phipps, Shane (Indianapolis)
Poore, Michael (Northwest)
Porter, Mackenzie (Indianapolis)
Powell, Nate (Bloomington)



Rapp, Doris Gaines (Northeast)
Rawl, Paige (Out of State)
Reichmuth, Beth (Out of State)
Reed, Lynn Rowe (Fort Wayne)

Reusser, Kayleen (Northeast)
Richardson, Tracy (Indianapolis)
Robeson, Teresa (Southern)
Roberts, Rachel Sherwood (Northeast)
Rosenberg, Meira (Out of State)
Root, Phyllis (Out of State)
Roth, Judith L. (Elkhart)


Sanders, Scott Russell (Bloomington)
Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg (Indianapolis)
Sauer, Lee P. (Angola)
Schaefer, Lola M. (Dekalb County)
Schmitt, Sarah J. (Indianapolis Area)
Service, Pamela F. (Out of State)
Sherron, Marya Patrice (Central)
Shipman, Talitha (Northeast)
Shoup, Barbara (Indianapolis)
Silvey, Anita (Out of State)
Slonim, David (Anderson Area)
Smith, Janice Lee (Central)
Snellenberger, Earl (Indianapolis Area)
Steele, Sarah (Northeast)
Steinke-Moore, Mary Ann (Northern)
Stevenson, Chris (Indianapolis)
Stiegemeyer, Julie (Out of State)
Stone, Jeff (Central Indiana)
Sturgis, Bess (Richmond)
Sullivan, Annie (Indianapolis)


Taylor, K.C. (Indianapolis)
Tolin, Rosanne (Northwest)
Truax, Gail (Kokomo)
Tully, Kelly (Central)



Vagenius, Christina (Northwest)
Valiant, Kristi (Evansville)


Waller, Sharon Biggs (Northwest)
Waltman, Kevin (Out of State)
Wangerin, Walter (Porter County)
West, Sherry (Northern)
Welling, Peter J. (Indianapolis)
Wells, Peggy Sue (Northeast)
Whorley, D. Linn (Indianapolis)
Wilhelm, Michael (Fort Wayne)
Williamson, B. A. (Indianapolis)
Winters, Ben H. (Out of State)
Wolfsie, Dick (Central)
Woods-Jackson, Pamela (Central)
Woodworth, Chris (Out of State)
Wooldridge, Connie Nordhielm (Richmond)
Wymer, Tracy Edward (Out of State)



Young, Adra (Gary)


Zappia, Francesca (Indianapolis)