In order to be listed on this page, contemporary authors and  illustrators should have a website dedicated to their work. For more historical authors, a link will be provided to their papers or to a quality review of their work, unless a website dedicated to their work is still in existence. In rare circumstances, a link to Wikipedia might be included.


Albert, Erin L. (Indianapolis)
Alexander, Shannon Lee (Indianapolis)
Allee, Marjorie Hill (Deceased)
Allen, Crystal (Out of State)
Alphin, Elaine Marie (Deceased)
Anderson, John David (Indianapolis)
Anderson, Marilyn D. (Out of State)
Anderson, Shannon (Northwest)
Archer, Peggy (Out of State)
Argentine, Cynthia (Central)
Aylesworth, Jim (Chicago)
Aylesworth, Thomas Gibbons (Deceased)


Baker, Mindy (Central)
Balkan, Gabrielle (Out of State)
Ballinger, Bryan (Northeast)
Barry, Rick C. (Central)
Battle-Lavert, Gwendolyn (Northeast)
Benko, Kamilla (Out of State)
Bentley, Judy (Out of State)
Blackburn, Joyce Knight (Deceased)
Boomhower, Ray E. (Indianapolis)
Border, Terry (Central)
Borland, Kathryn K. (Deceased)
Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker (Out of State)
Braley, Bob (Northeast)
Bridwell, Norman (Deceased)
Broaddus, Maurice (Indianapolis)
Brown, Skila (Bloomington)
Bundles, A’Lelia (Out of State)
Bunnell-Mumford, Tiana (Indianapolis)


Cabot, Meg (Out of State)
Carney, Mary Lou (Northwest)
Cavanah, Frances (Deceased)
Chorao, Kay (Northeast)
Clement, Nathan (Indianapolis)
Clifford, Eth (Deceased)
Coles, Jay (Indianapolis)
Collier, Kristi (Louisville)
Crespo, Ana (Out of State)
Cummings, Troy (Greencastle)


Davis, Jim (South Central)
Day, Karen (Out of State)
Day, Marlis (Southern)
De Regniers, Beatrice Schenk (Deceased)
Derstine, Elise Hofer (North Central)
Doherty, Adriane (Central)
Doherty, Kathleen (Northwest)
Dotlich, Rebecca Kai (Central)
Dungy, Tony and Lauren (Out of State)


Eich, Michele (Southeast)
Evans, David (Central)
Evans, Mari (Deceased)
Ewart, Claire (Northeast)


Farlow, James O. (Northeast)
Finley, Martha (Deceased)
Fleming, Candace (Chicago)
Freedman, Lew (Columbus)
Frederick, Bill and Kate (Muncie)
Friermood, Elisabeth Hamilton (Deceased)
Frisinger, Donna (North Central)
Frost, Helen (Fort Wayne)


Gaither, Gloria
Galvin, Aaron
Garza, Amy Ammons
Gay, Kathlyn
Gillenwater, Chadwick (Professor Watermelon, Indianapolis)
Goins, Savannah J.
Gondosch, Linda
Grandfield, Meg Ellen (Meg DeMakas)
Gray, Laurie
Green, John (Indianapolis)
Gregory, Valiska
Griessman, Annette
Grifalconi, Ann
Griffin, Donna
Griswold, Victoria
Gruelle, Johnny (Deceased)
Gunderson, Susan G.


Haddix, Margaret Peterson
Hamilton, Dorothy Drumm (Deceased)
Hammontree, Marie (Deceased)
Harrell, Rob
Harris, Andre Renee
Harshman, Marc
Harshman, Terry Webb
Hatke, Ben
Hay, Jerry
Hodges, Margaret (Deceased)
Hoose, Phillip (Out of State)
Horner, Pamela
Horning, Andrew (Owen County)
Hunt, Mable Leigh (Deceased)
Hutchens, Paul (Deceased)
Hutchens, Terry


Immel, Mary Blair


Jannetides, Elaine
Janson, Michelle (Indianapolis)
Jensen, Jennifer
Johnson, Christine
Johnson, Leah (Out of State)
Johnston, Annie Fellows (Deceased)
Joiner, Sara K.
Jones, Rebecca C.
Judson, Clara Ingram (Deceased)


Kane, Sharon
Karcher, Angie
Karr, Julia
Kasza, Keiko
Kellner, Esther (Deceased)
Kelsey, Marybeth
Kemp, Debra (Deceased)
Kenley, Bill
Kent, Robert
Kerr, Monica
Kieta, Patricia
Killion, Bette
Kimmel, Haven
Kinder, Shelley
Klein, Alina
Klink, Angie
Koehler, Phoebe
Kondaki, Devon (Indianapolis)
Kor, Eva Mozes (Deceased)
Kulinski, Karen
Kurtz, Karen B.


Lasky, Kathryn
Lewis, J. Patrick
Linz, Kathi
Loepker, Rachel


Madden, Kelly
Magoon, Kekla (Out of State)
Major, Charles (Deceased)
Marsh, Valerie
Christopher Marshall (Indianapolis)
Marston, Elsa
Martin, Laura
Mason, Miriam (Deceased)
Matthies, Janna
Maxfield, Brenda
McBride, Heather
McBrier, Page
McMullan, Margaret
Medler, Diana
Millender, Dharathula H.
Miller, Heather Lynn
Miller, Peggy Reiff
Mitchell, Saundra
Mitschelen, Katie
Mock, Trey
Moore, Vardine (Deceased)
Morrow, Barbara Olenyik
Morse, Evangeline (Deceased)
Mosel, Arlene Tichy (Deceased)
Mullin, Mike
Myers, Elisabeth P. (Deceased)
Myers, Hortense (Deceased)


Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
Neal, Roger
Niner, Holly L.
Niven, Jennifer
Nolan, Jeannette Covert (Deceased)
Nye, Harriet Kamm (Deceased)


Oberreich, Robert (Deceased)
Oppenlander, Annette
O’Maley, Elizabeth (Deceased)
Outcalt, Todd


Peet, Bill (Deceased)
Phipps, Shane
Pittman, Lorena
Porter, Mackenzie (Indianapolis)
Powell, Nate



Rapp, Doris Gaines
Rawl, Paige
Reichmuth, Beth (Out of State)
Reed, Lynn Rowe (Fort Wayne)

Richardson, Tracy (Indianapolis)
Riggs, Constance Kakavecos
Riley, James Whitcomb (Deceased)
Robeson, Teresa
Roberts, Rachel Sherwood
Root, Phyllis (Out of State)
Roth, Judith L.


Sanders, Scott Russell (Bloomington)
Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg (Indianapolis)
Sauer, Lee P. (Angola)
Sayre, April Pulley (South Bend)
Schaefer, Lola M. (Dekalb County)
Schmitt, Sarah J. (Indianapolis Area)
Service, Pamela F. (Out of State)
Shoup, Barbara (Indianapolis)
Silvey, Anita (Out of State)
Slonim, David (Anderson Area)
Smith, Janice Lee
Snellenberger, Earl (Indianapolis Area)
Steele, Sarah
Stevenson, Chris
Stiegemeyer, Julie
Stone, Jeff (Central Indiana)
Stratton-Porter, Gene (Deceased)
Sturgis, Bess (Richmond)


Taylor, K.C. (Indianapolis)
Thom, James Alexander (Bloomington)
Tolin, Rosanne
Truax, Gail
Tully, Kelly



Vagenius, Christina
Valiant, Kristi

Vance, Darcy

Vincent, Matt


Waller, Sharon Biggs
Waltman, Kevin
Wangerin, Walter
Welling, Peter J.
Wells, Peggy Sue
West, Sherry
Whitson, Savannah
Wilhelm, Michael
Williams, Eric Walker
Williamson, B. A.
Winters, Ben H.
Witcher, John
Wolfsie, Dick
Wooden, John (Deceased)
Woods-Jackson, Pamela
Woodworth, Chris
Wooldridge, Connie Nordhielm
Wymer, Tracy Edward



Young, Adra
Young, Mrs. J.


Zappia, Francesca